All Day Fitness and LevelUp Better Branding will be hosting the first 5k event for: equality for female athletes and minorities! Main Info:

October 10th at 10am in Berkley Park.  If you can’t make the physical location but want to support or donate still there will be a VIRTUAL option to participate as well.  The village is limiting how many people can be at the location at once for various reasons, so if you want to participate grab your tickets asap!

Date: 10/10 @ 10AM
Berkeley Park, IL (Cook County
5819 Electric Ave, Berkeley
By partnering together, we want to be a Voice for Female athletes, and bring awareness to the social situations that they are currently facing. We are leading by action to inspire our local community, all communities, and nationwide.



Our overall goal is to create a community that leads to social change within sports, that directly and indirectly affects women or many members in the community.

We want to be the Voice for those that are affected. We want to bring Female Athlete empowerment. We want to be Change Agents!

Raise Money for Female Athletes, so we can create a wave of change.

Start investing in women’s sports. 



Stated by GOALS – Women’s Sports:

“Let’s create a change for equality and inclusion for women in sports.

Put women’s sports on TV, more people watch.

More people watch, more brands invest.

More brands invest, leagues make more money.

Leagues make more money, players get paid more.”

Lauren Burchfield – Athlete Manager, Brand Manager, President/Founder
Levelup your Branding… 
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