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What is Circuit Training?

Circuit Training can best be described as a form of conditioning that targets strength AND muscular endurance.  Some different types of circuits are circuits for strength, cardio, sport specific, agility, or a combination.  You can do circuit training for time, reps, aerobic routines, a specific amount of exercises to do before finish and even circuits specifically with movement you would find in the sport you are practicing.

Because you get such great endurance benefits from circuits, you will find many athletes tend to gravitate towards this style of training.  Not only does it help with overall performance and fitness but also can burn a LOT of calories depending on intensity.  So this naturally grabs the attention of anyone wanting to manage weight as well.

The options for making a circuit are many and the benefits can be very rewarding as well:

1.) Combination of Strength Training and Cardio – This combo will yield higher calories than normal.  Imagine doing a set of a strength exercise and instead of resting until the next set you did jumping jacks or push ups instead and THEN immediately did your next strength training set.  You are doing a lot more work during your time exercising thus making it very efficient most of the time.

2.) Time efficiency – Again, because you are doing more work faster than normal, you can hit daily goals on time or even faster than normal.  heart rate is usually higher than normal as well since you don’t rest as much thus again leading to more overall calories burned.

3.) Cardiovascular benefits – This isn’t high on many peoples list but it SHOULD be.  Having a strong heart and strong lungs will be appreciated later in life.  They will be appreciated NOW when your heart stroke volume is as strong as a bull and you just feel amazing.

4.) Metabolism Increase – If you are burning a lot of calories, your body will want them back, so this can really ramp up some peoples metabolism again and get you hungry!

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