Personal Traning

“A personal trainer is an individual who creates and delivers safe and effective exercise programs for apparently healthy individuals and groups, or those with medical clearance to exercise.” –

Personal Trainers: Who For

As a trainer of 15 years,  I can honestly say  EVERYONE should have a trainer.  I have one.  The best athletes in the world have one.  That coach probably had one for a long time if he doesn’t now.  People who don’t know what they should do with their body to get best results need one.  Teens and kids need them for healthy role models AND the education piece that comes with how to do certain movements safely and correctly.  The elderly heavily benefit from exercise because of their current weaker state.  Etc etc.  You get the idea.  In todays age, NOT working out and exercising is kind of weird in my opinion because of the proven health benefits.

The bottom line comes down to MOVING BETTER no matter who you are.  This means getting strong while having or keeping mobility, being more durable and having a stronger skeletal system in general.

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Physical – Asthetics are a lot for some people.  Others don’t care as much but its still nice to actually SEE the results as they happen.  From tighter looking, healthier skin to more defined muscles, the physical aspect of exercise is a huge confidence booster as well as motivator.
  • Emotional – Again, confidence runs high when you are seeing progress, as well a boost to your mood as well.  The gym has always been one of the best anti depressants around because of how exercise increases your heart rate, which triggers norepinephrine, a chemical that may help the brain deal with stress more effectively. Plus, exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain.  This is where you hear a lot of people talk about the “feel good chemicals” and such.  I cant remember the last time I left the gym angrier than when I went in.
  • Spiritual – Plenty of people have gotten to know themselves better by exercise and the gym.  Something happens to you when you constantly push yourself to new limits, push out of your comfort zone, push your body to new limits and finally realize what the human body can be capable of.  It’s a beautiful and REWARDING process that I wish everyone would take a chance on.

Personal Training Programs

When you decide to get a personal trainer, everybody has different underlying goals but there will be a lot of similar key concepts.  A good trainer will assess YOUR body and its current state and progress from there.  Sometimes even if that means REGRESS (backwards) on certain areas. Things to keep in mind would be injuries, muscle imbalances, lifestyle and daily habits (including nutrition).  Then from there an exercise regime will be born depending on experience level and knowledge.  Finally, you can implement it all and get those gains.

Some of the beginning work might be experimental or “test runs” to make sure recovery isn’t an issue or anything else mentioned already that could be an issue.  Once everything checks out though with a successful first few weeks and you’ll be ready to put in the work to get after those goals.

Remember: it’s not HARD WORK… it’s just a LOT of work.  But it’s easily done as long as you put in a little effort each day.

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